Akea Review – The Need To Know Facts About Akea

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AkeaIf you’re checking out this third party review chances are you’re searching for information about Akea, in this simple review I’ll cover some information about the company and their business opportunity.


In addition I’ll go into what you can do to position yourself ahead of the 95% of your competition should you decide to become a distributor but first things first let’s cover the need to know facts about this company.


The Akea Background


Akea, a producer of health enhancing supplements, was created by a team of entrepreneurs, including William King, a branding specialist. The company also has a board of scientists who work on product development. Supplements are made of ‘super foods’ to enrich your health and wellness. This company essentially provides a community for its customers, in the aim of empowering them to rediscover health and vitality.

Research was carried out on people’s diets, lifestyles and traits, which led Akea experts to find what they ‘Longevity Hot Spots’ – places where people live healthier, disease and sickness free lives. These ‘hotspots’ are found in remotes areas of the world such as Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Loma Linda, USA. Akea’s BluePrint for Life aims to create such heavens online. 


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What Are The Akea Products?


This company offers two core products:

Akea Essentials: This supplement is made from health enhancing foods from the world’s longevity hotspots. They contain organic ingredients, yogurt, soya, vegetables and cocoa, and rich nutrients. The company claims this product will give you increased energy, enhanced immunity, improved heart health and improved joint mobility. The supplement also improves digestion and can even improve as well as your mental health and mood.

60-day Challenge: Videos and information will be emailed to you if you purchase Akea Essentials. You receive these daily, via email. Over 8 weeks, you will be given the motivation and support you need to live a healthy life. The information is produced by Akea’s expert doctors and scientists. Eventually, through this community you can create your own ‘longevity hotspot’.


The Akea Business Opportunity


Akea offers the opportunity to become an Akea Essentials consultant. You can earn extra income, whether it is long-term or part-time basis. Great rewards make this a fantastic career opportunity, particularly if you seek a role which is home-based, letting you create your own work schedule. Rewards include a weekly income and various bonuses from a Business Building Bonus to an expense’s allowance of up to $1000.

However, to become a consultant you would have to make an initial payment of $79.00. In return, this company offers a step-by-step training program including personal development, product knowledge and leadership training. As a consultant you also have your own website. 


So How Do You Make Money With Akea?


Akea offers what they call a Prosperity Plan. There are certain requirements to join, for example you must have an active status, however the rewards and benefits are great. The plan is binary which is of an advantage to part-timers as it is not necessary to build a large organisation to be successful. The Akea Prosperity Plan was created in October 2011. There are many ways that commissions and bonuses are paid out:


  • Retail profit: for example, income can be made from selling Akea products to customers
  • Fast Start Bonus: you can earn up to 20% of commissionable volume (CV) on the enrolment order of everyone you personally sponsor.
  • Matching First Start Bonus: you receive this bonus as a ‘thank you’ for supporting those you have sponsored.
  • Team Bonus: this is based on a ‘snow-ball’ effect; as those you sponsor introduce others to the company.

High levels of income are made particularly on team commissions. Akea also offers a Leadership pool bonus and a Founder’s Club bonus. What is attractive about the Akea Prosperity Plan its guarantee; as a member you are given 50% of the total company CV.


Akea Review Conclusion


After reviewing this company it’s obvious this company has a solid business opportunity for the right person who is willing to take action and work the business.

Having said that, it’s critical for you to know that while you can certainly build a business by approaching your existing warm market and prospecting every stranger that crosses your path you can significantly increase your chances of success by leveraging the internet to generate leads.

By learning how to generate 10-30 leads a day for your business you can potentially position your business to grow like wildfire.

If you can generate and endless flow of leads and partner with an experienced team of leaders you can very well be on your way to building a solid business for yourself and your family.

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Without Action There Can Be No Results!

Akea Review

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