How To Generate Leads Online

how to geneate leads onlineIf you’ve come to a grinding halt in your business because you’ve ran out of people to show your products and business opportunity to then it’s time to learn how to generate leads online because by learning and applying online lead generation you can create an endless flow of NEW leads into your business.


Once you have an endless flow of FRESH leads coming into your business each and every day you will have every chance of selling more products and recruiting more people into your business opportunity.

The problem I see though with people trying to learn how to generate leads online is that they’re either missing a piece of the puzzle or they’re just not taking enough consistent action with their online marketing.

So today I want to give you the complete formula for how to use the internet to generate leads for your business.


How To Generate Leads Online


When it comes to generating leads online there are basically two things you need:

1 – Marketing System

In order to generate leads online you need a couple of online tools such as an Auto-Responder and a capture page but the reason why I say a marketing system is because it’s A LOT easier to use a proven marketing system that works than it is to go out and try to create the capture pages etc yourself.

A good marketing system will not only provide you with the tools and training you need to generate leads online it will also give you a way to profit from your leads even if they don’t buy any of your products or join your business opportunity.

This is called a funded proposal and when you have a high converting funded proposal within your marketing system that will allow you to fund your marketing and scale up your lead generation.

I personally use and highly recommend the Empower Network.



2 – Targeted Traffic

One of the most important parts to learning how to generate leads online is learning how to drive targeted traffic to your lead capture pages.

Newbie Tip: Traffic is basically people searching for information online, hanging out on their favorite social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Etc), or looking to be entertained (YouTube).Learn how to generate leads online for free


You want to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your capture page in order for them to enter their details to receive more information or whatever it is that you’re giving away in exchange for their name, email, and phone number.


For Example: If I was trying to recruit people into an online business opportunity I would target my marketing towards people who want to learn how to make money online and I would drive that targeted traffic towards a capture page that is congruent with my marketing message like this: Click Here.

Once they enter their email I generate a lead, simple as that.


Tip: Be sure to stay congruent with your marketing and your capture page, don’t send people who are looking for dog training products to a capture page that is selling weight loss products (EXAMPLE).


How To Generate Leads Online – Traffic Strategies


Once you have your marketing system in place and you’ve determined exactly what you’re target market is it’s time to think about what type of online marketing strategy you’re going to use to drive this targeted traffic to your capture page.

There are many different strategies when it comes to driving traffic online which can leave some people confused, overwhelmed, and in a state of procrastination that is why I HIGHLY recommend choosing only ONE strategy and sticking with it until you’re generating at least 10 leads per day then you can start adding another strategy to the mix.


Here is some free training on how to drive traffic online to get you started, pick ONE and go nuts:

How to generate leads online with Articles

How to generate leads online using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to generate leads online using Facebook

How to generate leads online using Youtube

How to generate leads online using Twitter

If you want more training on how to generate leads online you can get access to weekly training webinars by clicking here.


How to Generate Leads Online – The Last Ingredient


Ok, so now you know in order to generate leads online you need a marketing system and targeted traffic, the very last ingredient for making this work is CONSISTENT ACTION.

You need to find a traffic generation strategy you like and then take daily consistent action until you start seeing the desired lead flow in your business.


Remember: It’s not what we do that makes us successful, it’s what we do daily.


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