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LiveSmart 360The very reason you’re reading this LiveSmart 360 review tells me that you are looking into this company to see whether it is a credible company with a solid business opportunity.

If you are considering investing in this company I want to encourage you to read this entire blog post as I will be going over some information that will assist you in making a well informed decision as to whether LiveSmart 360 is the right company for you.

Not only will I be going over the company’s background, products and business opportunity I am also going to give you access to information on how to leverage the most powerful tool to build a network marketing business in the 21st century, the internet.

A Review Of The Background Of LiveSmart 360

LiveSmart 360 is a network marketing company that sells various health and wellness products, the company headquarters is located in Sarasota, Florida. Although LiveSmart 360 is a relatively new company they have already attracted 147,693 pre-enrolled members in 93 different countries during the pre-launch before the products and compensation plan had even been announced, pretty impressive stats for a pre-launch.

The founder and CEO is Mark McCool, the co-founder and VP is Jeanine McCool but it’s important to note that the team behind LiveSmart 360 have 100 years of industry experience and have done over 1 billion dollars in sales, created a number of millionaires and attracted over 500,000 distributors in previous ventures.

What Are The LiveSmart 360 Products?

LiveSmart 360 actually sells a few different products but they main flagship product is a line of health products, called 360 mists. The unique aspect of these mists is the fast absorption of the product’s ingredients which enable the person to feel the health benefits faster than usually.

LiveSmart 360 ProductsThere are six different mists in the LiveSmart 360 Product Line:

1 – 360 Mist (ZorbMax) – This mist is designed to enhance nutrient absorption and supports healthy cell performance.

2 - 360 Mist Relieve – This mist is designed to relieve aches and pains by decreasing and relieving inflammation.

3 – 360 Mist Zip – This mist is designed to keep you alert during the day which contains B vitamins and caffeine.

4 – 360 Mist Slim – This mist is designed to support weight loss and decrease appetite.

5 – 360 Mist PM – This mist is actually designed to enable you to get a better night sleep which will allow you to get much needed rest so you can be more alert during the day.

6 – 360 Mist Ignite – This particular mist contains ingredients like Catuaba Bark Extract which has been used in numerous cultures for centuries which enhance and improves sexual performance.

LiveSmart 360 also has a product line specifically for weight loss management which is called LiveFit 360, They also sell various vitamins and supplements which is made up of numerous different supplements this products line is called NutraSmart.

In addition to their health products they also offer a health benefits membership called HealthSmart, you can also market travel through their travel platform and booking engine called 360 VIP Club.

I would highly recommend if you are considering invest in LiveSmart 360 you should do some extensive research into the company’s products yourself and may even try some samples so you can feel confident promoting these products but having said that after my review of this company’s products and services they seem of high quality.

The LiveSmart 360 Business Opportunity

LiveSmart 360’s compensation plan is made up of 24 different ranks and operates as a dual-team hybrid. There are numerous different ways you can earn income such as retail commissions, fast start and double fast start bonuses, customer bonuses, cycle bonuses (binary team commissions) and matching checks.

In addition, the company also has a luxury car program for the top producing leaders and a company equity program which gives the distributors a chances to earn equity ownership in the company, There is a very unique feature in the compensation plan which is called the Life Changing Bonus, this feature is a great way to give back because you have to give the bonus to someone who needs the money more than you do.

Overall the compensation plan looks very generous and for the right person LiveSmart 360 could be a very fun and lucrative business opportunity.

So Is LiveSmart 360 All You Need For Success?

After having reviewed LiveSmart 360 and seeing that this company really does have a great product and business model for the right person the question is will this company’s business model alone be the key to your success? The answer is a flat out no.

In order to build a successful business with a network marketing company you will need to have more leads than time, a lot of people just jump into a network marketing company such as LiveSmart 360 not knowing that the key to success comes down to branding yourself and marketing.

If you’re considering joining this company you need to understand that the key to success is going to be by leveraging the power of the internet, branding yourself, and marketing online which will allow you to build your business worldwide even while you are asleep.

My advice to you would be to leverage an effective attraction marketing system that will allow you to brand yourself and teach you effective internet marketing strategies for generating more leads than time.

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