The Network Marketing Industry Doesn’t Care And That’s What I Love About It…

Sat, Nov 27, 2010

Personal Development

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Love it or hate the network marketing industry is here to stay and it has stood the test of time with even the biggest skeptics of all! It is funny because he majority of people look at this industry like ufo’s… Just mention the word network marketing or multi level marketing and straight away you get back.. ah a pyramid scheme with skepticism and just wait for the reaction if you say that you have joined a network marketing company haha… It’s like you are on another planet!

There belief in you is zero to none and they are very quick to cut you down, now you look like you are from another planet! Statements like why don’t just just forget that fantasy or your dream of running a successful business from home and get a real job like the rest of us! Now to that… all I have to say is that it is the 21st century and times have changed! and get with the times!!! The majority of the people on this planet are stuck in the old mindset and haven’t been introduced to the new mindset of the 21st century.

What is the old mindset and what is the new mindset?

The old mindset is what is being taught in schools to this very day just think about it… Every step you take through school you are being conditioned to be an employee, you are being trained to fill some sort of position now don’t get me wrong… The world needs check out girls, hairdresser, taxi drivers etc if that is what you are willing to go through life doing then more power to you but it just doesn’t tickle my fancy!

The old mindset is having to work for someone else and be stuck with one income stream for your entire life trying to save enough money to retire with now to me I get giddy in the guts just thinking about that concept and I just want to slap the people who are still stuck in this mindset and tell them to WAKE UP!

What is the 21st century mindset?

In a nutshell…. Multiple streams of income, the entrepreneurial mindset of creating multiple streams of income and the internet has allowed us to do this in so many ways it’s not funny. If you so choose to join a network marketing company that would be your core income stream and it doesn’t matter if you dropped out from school, if you didn’t graduate, if you are broke, if you had a bad up bringing, if you have been to jail! The network marketing industry does not discriminate you can come into this industry and work your butt off learning the skill sets needed, put them into action and be making a six figure income with in as little as six months or less!

Now what other industry can you achieve that level of success in that short period of time with out any discrimination? it is all about the individual and where he or she wants to go in life, now that right there is why I love this industry to the core and I just get so dam excited to wake up in the morning and be apart of this amazing industry, this amazing community of people all working towards there ultimate goals in life instead of just giving up and settling with a boring job just to pay the bills and tip toe through life to their grave…

Life is too short to not be following your passion and it doesn’t matter how far you are in life the network marketing industry can take you to your highest potential if you are willing to accept the challenge! Are you willing to accept the challenge?

If you are a skeptic reading this or you are a fellow entrepreneur I would love to hear your point of view, your arguments, your trials and tribulations, the criticism you have had to put up with in this industry or just add to this post by leaving a comment in the comment box below, If you think this post would benefit other people in this industry share it by hitting the share buttons at the top and below…

Until next time… Keep rockin it!

See You At The Bank,

Billee Brady

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  1. Raymon Angocicco Says:

    I would love to write and say what a great job you did on this, as you have put a lot of work into it.


    Billee Reply:

    Hey Raymon,
    Thanks for the comment she is my baby… LOL
    Billee Brady


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